HI-STEM® vines

Specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants for the New Zealand wine grower market.

Benefits of replanting using HI-STEM® vines

Std vs HI-STEM® vines comparison
Std vs HI-STEM® vines comparison

Ormond Nurseries Ltd. has been working on an innovative vine designed to save you time and money in your vineyard. The HI-STEM® vine gets to the wire faster (and cheaper) than a traditional vine and provides you with benefits both during establishment and at maturity.  Not only does the HI-STEM® vine provide you with a nice straight trunk, but it also allows you to eliminate bud rubbing from your annual budget.

After many years of development work and refining of our production systems, these vines are now also available for purchase in commercial volumes.

  • The new growth is a lot higher off the ground meaning it has a much lower risk of frost damage.
  • No grow guards are required as the new growth is above the height of the spray zone.
  • There will be no bends or twists in the trunk as it will be straight lignified rootstock.
  • The vines have potential to fruit early, if well managed.

For further information about the HI-STEM® vines vines see PDF downloads to the right.

  • Your HI-STEM® vines will reach the wire faster, however care must be taken to avoid the temptation of over cropping these vines in the early years. Please follow the best practice possible for cropping young vines.
  • Our meticulously trained rootstock provides you with a nice straight trunk directly from the nursery. However, please follow the best practice possible in the vineyard to ensure straight trunk establishment.

Please Note: contact ONL or seek advice from a trained viticulturist if you need help.

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As a lead supplier of certified, grafted grapevines, we offer a range of dormant bare root and HI-STEM® vines specifically designed to add value to vineyard projects.

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