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Specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants for the New Zealand wine grower market.

Welcome to Ormond Nurseries, a locally owned family business based in Marlborough.

Ormond Nurseries Ltd has operated for over 40 years, specialising in propagating top quality, grafted grape plants for the New Zealand wine grower market. We strive to actively support youth education within our local community and the professional development of our customers.

We graft grapevines that are true to type, fully traceable (budwood and rootstock) and regularly tested for Leaf Roll Virus. Vines are grafted to order, and we recommend that you order your plants well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Notes & announcements
Notes & Announcements
Dripl Line Funnel

In an effort to assist our customers with their young vine replants, we have created a drip-line funnel. This is designed to be easily cabled onto existing drip-line irrigation and directs water from the irrigation line directly to the new plant...

ONL Drip line Funnel

Ormond Nurseries
Ormond Nurseries Ltd
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Home of the HI-STEM®



HI-STEM® vines get to the wire faster and cheaper than a traditional vine.

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Bare Root Vines

Bare Root Vines

Our bare root vines are available as standard vines as well as HI-STEM® vines.

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Plants Available

Plants Available

Quality HI-STEM® and Bare Root Vines. We update our stock list each year in February.

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Machine Planting Tall vines

One common question from our growers is whether or not you can machine plant HI-STEM® vines.

The answer is yes, machine planting a new development using
HI-STEM® vines is a common practice that is both easy and cost – effective.

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Soil Preparation for Vineyard Redevelopments

Many Marlborough vineyards are now looking at a redevelopment programme, either to replace existing vineyard with a high level of trunk disease, change varieties (usually from something else to Sauvignon Blanc) or else to reduce row spacing or increase vine density to increase yield per hectare.


Vine Order Enquiries

As a lead supplier of certified, grafted grapevines, we offer a range of dormant bare root and HI-STEM® vines specifically designed to add value to vineyard projects.

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