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Depending on availability of scion material some varieties are only available as grafted vines. Callused & Container Grown vines are despatched in the same year of ordering. Dormant vines are despatched the following year.

A deposit of 50% of the total order value will be invoiced to you upon receipt of your order. Your order is not confirmed as secure until this invoice is paid and Ormond Nurseries Ltd. has received the signed Non-Propagation Agreement from the end customer/landowner where vines will be planted. The balance of the order will be invoiced upon delivery of the vines.

These varieties are proprietary clones. The end customer who owns the vineyard where the vines are to be planted will be required to sign a non-propagation agreement. This legally binding contract precludes the collection of propagation material from these plantings at any time in the future. Should this contract be broken, the owner of the proprietary material in Italy retains the right to impose compulsory removal of any illegal plantings. No vines will be despatched until a signed non-propagation agreement is in place for the new plantings.

Royalties apply to all proprietary clones and are paid back to the owners of the clones in Italy. These royalties will be payable to Ormond Nurseries Ltd by the end customer/landowner where the vines are planted PRIOR TO FINAL DESPATCH of their cuttings/vines. Royalties are calculated on the total number of vines to be delivered.

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As a lead supplier of certified, grafted grapevines, we offer a range of dormant bare root and HI-STEM® vines specifically designed to add value to vineyard projects.

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